An elder father in our community was filled with awe when Helpers to Good presented him with a 2-dozen carton of eggs. A simple act generated an emotional response from the father, because he had recently given his last dozen and a half eggs to his unemployed son. He witnessed the prophetic truth in action that charity does not decrease wealth.

Helpers to Good, a social service project of the DMV area, regularly funds bags of essentials for local families. This project, run by about 30 volunteers in a WhatsApp group, serves the community by providing food for the sick, assists women in postpartum, takes the seniors in the community out for breakfast, supplies health screenings, prepares breakfast, as well as cooks dinner to aid those in both men’s and women’s shelters. Helpers to Good is using local restaurants’ delivery services to get meals to anyone unwell, avoiding the direct contact which is spreading the coronavirus.

The cost of sponsoring a grocery bag of necessities, including fresh produce, sugar, salt, oil, etc to be delivered to families in need is $25.  During these uncertain times, why not reap the opportunity of racing towards a chance to aid those in need? Support the Helpers to Good today.